Monday, January 5, 2015

Random pictures because it's January and I always resolve to post more in the New Year...

Still learning how to use my new camera lens, but I think I will really like it.

JJ has a new favorite food and routine in the morning. Fixing cereal and milk all by himself!

 Although today we were just pretty sleepy with his other new routine--speech therapy 2x a week!

So Teddy joined in and took a snooze himself.

Teddy trying out his Bepepod chair. He's a fan, but wants me to put it on the counter top.

Hornets game!

 Crayon rocks in kinetic sand. JJ got all the cool stuff for Christmas!

Desperate for a playmate while mommy fed Teddy, JJ enlisted the dinosaur to shoot some hoops!

Our family bed represented on the tree :)


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