Friday, July 25, 2014

Summertime update

Where are the May and June posts, you ask? Who knows! But I had a ton of cute pictures of JJ, so I wanted to share them with the world, and update on how we're all doing. 

JJ has been sleeping longer and longer in his bed without climbing into ours, which has been nice. A few nights he's spent the whole night in his room! I am hoping for more of those in the coming weeks and months. I do love snuggling with him, though!

Thanks to Jim's parents, we spent a week down in Wilmington in July. During the week we went to the aquarium in Fort Fisher. JJ went last year, and was apparently a little better behaved. Once we saw that there was an outdoor play area, he just wanted to play on that. It was super hot and sunny, and there was no shade, so once we gave in and played out there for 5 minutes, he was ready to go. But here are a few pictures that make it look like he had an okay time there.

We also met up with a high school friend of Jim's and her daughter at the Children's museum in Myrtle Beach. The kids had a great time, and so did the adults! It's a great little place with a lot to do, but it's small, so you can easily keep an eye on your kiddo. Here's JJ living his dream inside a giant bubble!

He also loved driving daddy around in an ambulance and a pizza truck.

Back in Charlotte it was back to the routine, which includes soccer practice. I posted this on FB/Instagram, but I think they're so funny. This is JJ limbering up during his soccer scrimmage (which is about 5 minutes long). His coach is really sweet about letting the kids do what they're comfortable doing, but encouraging them to engage in play.

And then Jim was nominated for an awesome award as well! The Charlotte Business Journal chose him as a finalist for the Emerging Leader Award as part of the CIO Awards. I am so proud of him! And even though he was robbed (I mean, congratulations, Bermon!), it was a great way to get his name out to a new crop of people in Charlotte.

Looking handsome in his suit!

Back to play time! I picked up this magnetic building set for JJ at a yard sale for $5! It has a ton of pieces, and I've tucked most of them away until he gets bored with the current setup. So far he likes building towers like this one, and making letter shapes using the straight pieces and the magnetic balls (on the floor behind him).

Time for a haircut!!!

We have eliminated all screen time for JJ, since it makes him more aggressive than I would like. He gets really upset when his time is over, or when you try to interrupt his viewing for food/water/potty and I don't feel like dealing with those tantrums anymore. He doesn't get upset about it when we go on hiatus, because he's able to accept that it's just the rule!

 As you can see, he's totally cool with it.

GG and PopPop came to visit recently, and they got straight to the business of books. I love this second picture! JJ loves to read, and is even happier when someone will read with him.

And here's a few pictures of JJ from today. I took a short photography workshop through our church, and have been inspired to take more pictures. Eventually I will get better, as I learn how to use my camera and get more comfortable finding light and adjusting focus. But I thought these were pretty cute from today.

Pregnancy is moving along well. I feel great and everything has been checking out fine. We're down to just over 6 weeks until we meet our little guy, which I can't believe. I've already done a lot of our home prep (and we're also doing way less home prep than we did with JJ) and some of it I can't do until we get much closer to our due date. If I got out the baby swing now, JJ would break it within 5 minutes. "JJ's turn, swing!" 

He continues to be a sweetheart in general, often asking for snuggles by name. Our life is not without challenges though. I had one of the worst days this week with JJ's tantrums reaching another (and completely public) level. And since I am so pregnant, I have trouble restraining him or carrying him in a way that doesn't look abusive (in my opinion, at least). So I get really self-conscious about it, more than I usually would, and that upsets me more and the whole situation is just bad. Also heat + pregnancy +heavy screaming/kicking toddler = the shortest mommy fuse. I get upset faster than I used to and struggle to find my calm parenting center. It won't always be this way, right? (Although no one tells you about the 3s. Everyone is so quick to warn you about the 2s and promise salvation on the other side. I just haven't found it yet, I guess. 

I am trying to focus on the positives though. We are doing well with potty training. Despite a few recent accidents, JJ regularly uses the potty, and he's better about going when I tell him it's time. Usually he'll go on his own timeline, which is great, but struggles to respond to suggestions of others. I suspect we'll be good to go by the end of summer, just in time for school and new baby to provide sufficient setbacks. 

He loves music class, which is the other "program" we do besides soccer. During our first class, he was a complete disaster--fussing that he couldn't keep his instruments out, trying to throw the medicine balls in the corner used in another class, etc. But by our last class, he was sitting in the circle, singing songs, dancing, and doing motions. It was so refreshing to have a kid that was doing what the other kids were doing! (well, most of the other kids were younger and just sat there.)

That's about it for now. I'm hopeful to get at least one more post in before baby comes. Hope everyone is having a grand summer!

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  1. Hi Megan! I enjoyed reading your updates! Your aquarium post made me laugh. Pictures can tell such a different story from reality...there are many days when I plan something fun and the girls just aren't into it.
    Maddie was such a tough 2 and 3 year old when it came to tantrums, many public! I remember one in particular at the grocery store. I had already had Avvie and she was quite young and strapped to my chest and I was trying to wrestle Maddie into the car on the front of the cart. A kind bystander eventually stopped and help Avonlea while I dealt with Maddie and I've always remembered that she was truly kind and didn't seem to have any judgment for me or Maddie and didn't try to even offer advice, just helped. (I like advice but some moments don't call for it.)
    And screen time! We need to detox every so often, I let it creep into much and suddenly I'm talking to the girls and I realize no one is hearing me, they are just starting at the TV. I always think it'll be so hard when we cut it out for awhile, but then they just play even better. I think maybe we're due for a little time off from it...
    Looking forward to news that the new baby is here! Are you delivering at the same birth center? Very exciting time!
    This is long, I guess I should have just emailed :)