Thursday, January 31, 2013

Just About JJ

We've had a slow recovery from the holidays. Actually I feel busier now than I did during the holidays.   There was a 2-week stretch when we had something every night of the week. UGH! As a homebody by nature (not 'cause I hate ya--This sounds like a spin-off hip-hop group to me. Hits include "You down with NBC?" and "Hip Hop Duvet"). Anyways, as someone who prefers to stay in, that is really taxing on me. So of course I developed a cold for a while. Still recovering, even though I'm pretty functional.

Enough whining from me. JJ has been so much fun lately that I really shouldn't complain about anything. He's learning so fast these days, and it's so cool to watch him retain information from one day/week to the next. For posterity, I just want to record a few of the cute things he's doing lately.

Words He Uses Correctly with Regularity:
Cuck (which describes all trucks and cars--pretty genius, right?)
Sam (a boy in his book)
Bibby (his bib)
Choo choo
Most numbers 1-10
All letters! (still a little shaky on R, but he knows it most of the time)
Boo boos (chest) JJ will gladly demonstrate what boo boos are if you just ask.
Uh oh
moo, baa, bow wow, meow, various animal noises

Funny JJ stuff:
He plays the spin game on his spin rug, which is we count "1 spin, 2 spin, etc." and he spins until he falls down. It's awesome. The highest I've seen him go is 13 spin, which I am pretty sure is a world record. 

Anytime JJ sees a paw print out in the world, he freaks out and starts yelling "A CLUE! A CLUE!" a la Blues Clues. It's his favorite show right now. Once I said, "Look what mommy found!" while I was cleaning under the sofa, and JJ popped up and said, "A clue?" in the sweetest little questioning voice.

JJ loves to draw with pens and pencils. He is pretty luke warm on crayons and markers.

He loves to have tea parties with anyone who will participate. My Hello Kitty tea set from when I was little is one of his favorite things right now. He is quite an etiquette buff.

He still loves to play basketball more than anything. Now that he has mastered basic shooting from varying distances, he has started to do trick shots. Standing on one foot, pre-loading the basket with several balls before knocking them all out, eyes closed, etc. Basketball is called Coo-ball.

He loves taking off his diaper and running around naked. He thinks it's the funniest thing ever, and basically collapses with laughter every time. He runs around the house while I "chase" him with a diaper. Unfortunately this is the only "sign" that JJ is ready for potty training. We might be a while on this front (which is fine really. I'm not in any rush.)

JJ still loves to read, either by himself or with a beloved adult. He's very interactive with the pages. "Oh, what's that" "Wow!" Every book is now an I Spy book since he's so good at finding anything you ask about.

He loves naming people in pictures, fictional or real life. "Daddy" is probably his favorite one to spot.

Anytime a car starts up, JJ starts waving goodbye. We definitely get a lot of smiles in the Target parking deck when people see such a cutie bidding adieu! 

JJ loved climbing on all of the Startup Weekend supplies!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


For Christmas Jim got me a ticket to the Justin Bieber show in Charlotte on 1/22. Jim's present was getting to stay home. So off I went tonight to Time Warner Cable Arena, where we go to watch our beloved Bobcats play. I had a great seat, very close to where we sat for the Prince concert right before JJ was born. I arrived early (in time to watch most of the pre-Opening act Cody Simpson, a bright 16-year old chap from Australia), and found my seat at the end of a row of 13-year-old girls. To be fair, this describes 95% of the rows at TWC that night. Carly Rae Jespen was the real opening act ("Call Me Maybe" anyone?), and I felt like I was in 1993 all over again. She seems extremely dated to me. I don't really feel like she's bringing anything new to the music scene. If anyone watches How I Met Your Mother, she is exactly like Robin Sparkles to me.

So once she was off the stage, we waited. Excitement built. The wave was waved. And we waited. I went to the bathroom (about 80% of the men's rooms had been converted to ladies' rooms). I came back. We waited. Then Bieber won more respect than any other performer ever has. He put up a 10-minute timer that started counting down until his appearance on stage. How awesome and handy is that!

Then, it happened. Justin Bieber floated down to stage wearing 20-foot angel wings. Amidst pyrotechnics, screaming fans, and lasers. It was awesome! He opened with All Around the World. Then went into Catching Feelings.

He played pieces of earlier stuff--One Time, Eenie Meenie, and Somebody to Love--then a flashy pre-recorded underwater scene, then a rain scene with umbrellas into Love Me Like You Do.

Then there was a paparazzi chase scene (which in my opinion was a little tacky, since that guy was killed after chasing his car--though Bieber was in no way connected to that scene, so maybe I'm just overly sensitive) all pre-recorded too.

Following was She Don't Like the Lights, which is one of my least favorites of his.

Then he played Die in Your Arms, which is probably my favorite off of Believe. REDEEMED!! Then Out of Town Girl. Then Be Alright (acoustic--his guitarist played, not Biebs) while he floated on a cherry picker above the audience. Then, while still on the cherry picker, he played Fall acoustic (another fave of mine).

After dismounting the cherry picker and some talk with the audience, he played Never Say Never--it was awesome!!--and then went into Beauty and the Beat. It was fantastic! He ended that song with a big drums solo 3 stories up from the audience. Amazing! You have to hand it to the guy--he can sing, dance, and play several instruments. He's impressive.

Then, as he usually does, he played One Less Lonely Girl, and brought a lucky lady up on stage. That was sweet! I think I was one of 50 ladies in the crowd who wasn't jealous. Then they played some cute home videos of him as a kiddo talking about what he was going to be when he grew up.

Then into As Long As You Love Me and finally Believe. This was when I started tearing up. This is why I love Justin Bieber, and as a mom, it is why I continue to support his music and am a huge fan. He followed his dreams. He came from the most unlikely of circumstances, and he rallied fans and worked his butt off until the right people heard him. And then he kept working. And he continues to work. Everyone on that tour admits that Justin works the hardest of any of them. That's pretty awesome to me. He sees, almost every night, an arena full of people chanting his name and he keeps working hard. He has people surrounding him that work to make sure he stays good and honest and hardworking. I hope that JJ is as fortunate one day.

So then the encore was Boyfriend--SQUEE!!!!!--and Baby!! DOUBLE SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Greatest end to a concert ever! I was actually glad I went by myself so that I could have the exact experience I wanted to.

I was so happy I got to go, and Jim (and his parents) were so helpful in watching JJ that night (and the day before, because I was sick). And maybe soon I'll actually blog again about my real family and life.