Thursday, August 30, 2012

Long Overdue

This is what I made Jim for our 5-year anniversary. The wood year, so I made him something out of wood!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

5 years ago...

I married my best friend. It was the second greatest day of my life--trumped only by the birth of our son (and if he had been an ugly baby, then it probably would still be reigning champ. Just kidding. Probably.)

Our wedding day was great. So many of our best friends were there, and I felt beautiful, special, and loved. What more could a girl ask for? As we've made new friends over the last 5 years, I always find myself thinking, "I wish they had been at our wedding." That day I felt like our hearts were visible to those around us, and that I'll never be able to replicate that again. I know that that may be silly, since I feel very deep connections to our current friends, but it's just how it feels. Also I kinda want to wear a big dress again.

We dug up our vows and I thought I would share them. I find these to be the perfect vows for us, and five years later, they still apply. If you're getting married, feel free to steal them. We found them on the internet I think, and then added the last line. 

I couldn't ask for a more perfect partner
to share the joys and challenges of my life.
We're so perfectly paired,
So evenly matched,
So complementary to one another.
I vow always to love you as my partner in life,
My partner in love,
And my partner in the workings of every day
and night that we have together.

Take my hand today and always,
and lets share a beautiful life
and a beautiful love
As equals and allies
In this challenging and rewarding world,
To see what we can build together
On our foundation of each other.

(this is my trying-not-to-cry face) 

And that's right, everyone. In 2007 red and aqua were our wedding colors. I was so ahead of this trend.

For our anniversary, we dropped JJ off at MoMo and Grandaddy's house and ran errands. We picked up our chairs, got Jim 2 pairs of shoes (!!) and went to Big Lots. Then we went home and did some furniture rearranging on the main floor. Then we had an amazing dinner at Customshop. Cameron was our waiter, and he was the greatest! Brought us some sparkling wine to start off the celebration, and finished our meal with a bread pudding.  In between he made great recommendations too! I will ask for him whenever we go back!

Here's to many many more years of wedded bliss!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Pinterest makes me a better Mom

I painted JJ's rocking chair a cute orange that actually looks salmon now that it's finished. Oh well, I still like it, and he is one of the most enthusiastic rockers I've ever seen. 

I saw a cute craft on Pinterest the other day and thought I would try it with JJ. Put a few squirts of paint into a ziploc bag, tape it to a table, and let your child press and drag and play! JJ had a great time! 

I would recommend using 2 ziploc bags, since I ripped this one pretty quickly with my fingernails. It might also be because I bought cheap gallon-sized bags.

If you're not on Pinterest, and you have kids, I HIGHLY recommend signing up! There are so many awesome ideas out there, that I would never have thought of on my own. And if you have a bunch of awesome ideas, you can also share them with the rest of us!


One of the ways I keep my sanity and hold on to being "Megan", instead of JJ's mom or Jim's wife, is to find projects that speak to my heart and my skill level, and get them done. Most of this includes decor and design around the house, but there are a few other things too, I guess.

I found a gem of a dresser at the Habitat for Humanity Restore a few weeks ago. I couldn't leave it there. For $60 (marked down from $200--it pays to be a sweet talkin', baby totin', southern belle), and a little elbow grease, I knew I could make this a beauty!

There was some pretty major cosmetic damage to the top of the dresser, but otherwise it was in good shape. The dresser is a wood veneer on particle board top and sides, solid wood dovetail drawers, and a solid wood base. 

Here are some before pictures:

During: Top sanded.

During: dresser sanded and stained

After: Dresser with two coats of polyurethane

After: Top of dresser

After: damage repaired (still a slight knick in the left corner, but I think it adds character)

After, in place. Once we find the perfect piece of art to go on top, and the right accessories, I will post another picture. It looks better in real life. The left side of the top drawer is definitely darker (my sanding arm was apparently much stronger than I thought right there), but it looks better than in the picture.

Have any of you done any awesome DIY projects lately? What do you do to hold on to your identity outside of family? Is that something that you even think about?