Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Surprise Ruined!

Well, I alluded to a surprise stop on our way back from the beach in this post, and I can't keep the secret anymore (or rather, it isn't such a big secret, and I don't want to make you wait too long, only to be disappointed). We bought 2 chairs at Mid-Century Salvage in Indian Trail. They are Baumritter lounge chairs--not anything rare, but Jim and I were both excited about the score! And when Jim is moved by furniture, it's time to buy them. It doesn't happen very often.

Here are the chairs before:

The one on the left is getting refinished to match the one on the right. Then we'll lose the black-capped feet, re-web both of them, and they'll be ours! All of the work is being done by Scott at Mid-Century Salvage, and we'll pick them up in a few weeks (which means I don't have an "after" picture yet). 

This of course means that I've been cushion shopping like crazy. I found one set on Etsy in a pretty blah pattern:

So when those arrive, I'll have a duplicate set made, both covered in a fabric of our choosing. I LOVE this idea:

It gives you 2 looks for the same piece! The plaid isn't really our thing, but it would obviously work in other patterns. There are 2 great fabric stores near here that I will be checking out for options. And once they're done, we will happily say farewell to our Ikea Tullsta chairs (or at least they'll be moved to different places in the house).

I've decided to start putting my time and efforts into things that reflect my values, and not only is craftsmanship/hard work high on that list, but also adding history to my present, and creating meaningful space that my family can hold together. This project combines all of that (plus we got a good deal on them, I think. Minding our dollars and cents is definitely something I value as well). 

These chairs will look great with our dining room table and chairs, Drexel-designed pieces from 1959 (the chairs desperately need to be recovered):

our side chairs in the sun room (that I rescued and rehabbed from the Goodwill in the 'Burg for $3 each):

and our front sofa (which was a steal at $75 at Salvation Army. Still fluctuate daily on when I want to recover)

I don't want our house to become Don Draper's office or anything--we don't plan on taking the whole Mid-Century Modern look to an extreme. I believe in an eclectic mix in a house, since that's what I think most people's souls look like, and the home should be a reflection of the soul, in my opinion.

So that's that. Some new chairs coming our way, and we're excited about them. I was also really excited to have discovered Mid-Century Salvage. Not that far away, but a total gem of a store. Scott and Darra are awesome, I really enjoyed talking with them. 

So this is probably the most boring post ever for some of you. But, be prepared, because there may be more posts like this in the future. I have several home projects that should be done soon, that I'll probably post about more often. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Back Yard

Until the recent heat wave, JJ and I were spending a lot of time outside, and I just wanted to share a few pictures. We've been updating the back seating area with a few homey touches (not homey, like, my homies still. Homey, like, cozy comfy.) So we've added some pillows, potted plants, and cafe lights. I've got more rearranging to do before I'm satisfied, and a few more accessories to put out, but I think it's looking much better. 

We've also had some owls visiting while we've been out there. Loads of fun to hear them hoot and court each other. And some lizards. I've even seen 2 small snakes in the last few weeks (from the balconies--they run away long before we come near them down there). 

JJ loves to "help" water, and he also loves his water play on the balcony. Enjoy the pics!


Now (I'm not going to say "after", since we're not done yet):

JJ watering the plants (and himself)


Gingko from Tasha still growing!

JJ water play (drinking):

Monday, July 2, 2012

Beach Week 2012

We just got back from a great week at Wrightsville Beach with Jim's family and Ib's boyfriend Tim. We had a great time, got a chance to relax, and got in some major beach and pool time. JJ and I went to the beach every day, which I usually never do. But Mr. JJ was a huge fan of the sand and surf, so I made sure he got all the time down there he wanted.

We got in Saturday afternoon, and played around on the beach until Jane and Alanson came home with Ib and Tim fresh off the plane (Ib was sans luggage, which luckily was returned the next day). A delicious pizza dinner, catching up, and then Jim and I took a nice walk on the beach while JJ slept.

We ate some great food while we were there. I try to eat as much seafood as I can while I'm down there. Some of the highlights include the mahi from South Beach Grill, sushi and mussels from Circa 1922, and the crab cakes from Catch. Ok, this is actually most of the seafood I ate, but it's all so good...I can't leave any off the list! Some Honorable mentions to the Chocolate Fantast dessert at Catch.

On Tuesday, we went down to Myrtle Beach to visit with Jim's high school friend Jen, her husband Brent, and their adorable baby 1-year-old girl Lily. What a doll she was! Such personality and so easy going! She stayed up past her bedtime so Mom and Dad could hang out and eat good food! (Another awesome sushi round at Wahoo's in Murrell's Inlet).

Unfortunately while we were there, both Ib and JJ came down with a cold-like sickness, and Jim and I got it on Saturday once we were back home. Still recovering, and hopefully it won't last long.

We had a great time for sure!! Thanks to the Van Fleets for being our gracious hosts once again! Already looking forward to 2013!

Jim and I had a fun stop on our way home, which you will all find out about in a few weeks. It's nothing too big, so don't get too excited.

I have a few more pictures of JJ at the beach on my phone. Unfortunately, my phone died. Not just ran-out-of-batteries-died. Dead. Cannot even restore to factory settings DEAD! I'm going to see if anything can be salvaged off my phone at the Apple Store tonight, but I don't have a lot of hope. So...some pictures are probably lost forever.  Oh well! The memories live on in my head!

I'm putting this first one in because I look slimmer. This was right as Jim told me, "Adjust your shirt. Boobs!"

The Van Fleet Beach Week picture! This is a great picture of everyone, except JJ, who looks pretty unimpressed with the use of his high chair as tripod.

JJ and Lily!

I LOVE this picture! So cute!!

Murrell's Inlet

JJ loved Lily (and her yogurt melts). 

JJ and I were up for a sunset one morning! Lucky me! (Although, I actually was really excited to see it. Absolutely beautiful! I haven't seen a sunrise since college!)

Doesn't get much better than this!

A few more pictures from Aunt Ib:

This was JJ's summer romance, Miss Isabella. They were super great friends, hugging, laughing, pointing at each other. One day she was particularly fussy at the pool. JJ and I came down, and she about ran over to us, smiling and giggling. Her family was amazed at the sudden transformation. Her grandmother was ready to marry them off (that's her in the picture--thankfully covering me in my bathing suit)

The only picture of my in a bathing suit that will ever be featured on the Internet.

JJ knocking down sand castles.

More Pictures! These are from our 1st night on the beach when JJ first met the Atlantic Ocean. Technically this is his 3rd trip to the beach, but he was too young to remember the others.

Nice chins, Mom!