Tuesday, April 24, 2012

JJ's 1st Birthday Party!

JJ's 1st birthday party was a complete success! Despite some chaos it was a lot of fun! I'll write a "One Year" post soon, but in the meantime, enjoy some pictures of the big event! He had such a great time visiting with all of his friends and family! Thanks to everyone who came (and who wanted to be there) to celebrate our special guy!

The party was a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom theme, since that seems to be his favorite book. Alphabet and jungles galore!

Craft table #1

A bouncy house will be a part of every party we ever throw again. So much fun!

Jim holding up his corner of the porch.

What 1st birthday party is complete without a keg?

The spread! Some wraps and sandwiches, dips, fruit salad, and cookies! Cupcakes to come!

Poofs everywhere! So much fun to make!

About 5 minutes in, JJ got a bloody nose because he fell while crawling. What a silly guy! (He was fine, by the way)

Enjoying a snack before the party really got underway.

His butterfly balloon from Mimi! (It is STILL floating on the ceiling! No stopping this thing!)

"Happy Birthday to you!"

I think he looks like his G.G. in this picture.

Yay cupcakes!!!

                                                The grandpas and Jim enjoying the day!

Ib and Tim!

MoMo and Grandaddy!

Love these pictures with all of the grandparents!

Jim being overtaken by the neighborhood kids. That pretty much sums up the whole day.

Craft Table #2

Henry and Leyla

The Cheadles!

Just the boys! You can see how sleepy JJ is!!

LOVE Bob in this picture! Such an enthusiastic bouncer!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

iPhone pictures of my birthday week (plus a few extra days that I took to welcome my 33rd year of life

JJ playing at the children's library

Eating lunch on the Green, being watched by Father Duke Energy building

View of the Disco Chicken and Tryon from the Bechtler museum

Washing off after our painting adventure

A moment of pause in an empty sanctuary

Chillin' with my peeps

Eating lunch with Loretta (and her glasses)

Dance and guitar party with Mimi and Sarah

Napping on JJ's floor under my masterpiece

JJ had fun hanging with Daddy! (and yes, JJ is holding on all by himself--Hulk Baby!)

Visiting Discovery Place and seeing Leopardite, a type of rock found mainly in Mecklenburg County!

Thermo-baby sleeps.

Angela sold a LOT of magazines at Harris Teeter!!! We had a blast!

Sarah and I watched this performer at Mez. Holy smokes!

My actual birthday was the best day I've had in years! And the best part is that it felt like there were more hours than most other days. What a feeling! I then milked my birthday for the whole weekend, and then for several days more after that :) What can I say, I'm gifted!