Friday, February 3, 2012

Hospital Visit

JJ recently got hit with the Norovirus that has swept Charlotte. Monday night he started vomiting and couldn't stop. So we headed to the ER at Presbyterian Hospital. They have a separate Children's ER, which is really nice. The staff was great, and we didn't wait as long as I thought we would. They gave him some anti-nausea medicine, so that he could keep some fluids down. Despite how awful he was feeling, JJ still flashed his sweet smile for all of the nurses (he actually slept through the doctor's visit in our room). 

Then JJ passed the sickness on to me, Jim, and Momo. It was a wicked virus that has hopefully run its course through the Van Fleet family. 

Anxiety and some pictures

I've recently started feeling a lot of anxiety about JJ's development. I hope that most people that know me would say I am pretty relaxed, calm, easy going person, but lately I don't feel like it. I have trouble hearing about other babies' habits and skills, because I am constantly thinking, "JJ isn't doing that yet! What is wrong with us?!" I think A LOT of it has to do, not with JJ's actual abilities or development, but with the fact that I am home with him now 100% of the time, and no longer work outside the home. In my former life, I had control over the results of my efforts--if I did something, it was done, and done well. But now, my work product is a person, with his own personality, time table, and agenda. So I feel that if he's not doing everything that all the other kids are, then it's somehow my fault that he's "behind". I know this is silly. JJ is a wonderful kid. He's smart, funny, and engaged. He "reads" books, he is nearly standing on his own, he claps, he's said both of our names. It's definitely not JJ that I think is not performing up to standards, it's me. And I know it's crazy. But just give this crazy mama some space to be crazy.

And how for a few pictures:

Before haircut:

 After haircut! (The pictures of "during haircut" just looked like I was stabbing him in the head with scissors, so we deleted them).