Friday, November 16, 2012

JJ Update

I haven't posted about my little man in a while, so I thought I would share some stories/stats, since one of the goals of my blog is a baby book of sorts.

JJ: 18 mos, 27 days
Weight: ~32 lbs.
Height: ~ 35 in.

Words JJ says:
boobies (that's right, boobies.)
Bobcat (he only said this one for a day, but he said it a bunch in context)
What's that?
What's this?
Oh wow!
Oh woah!

Animal Noises he can say:
fish lips
bow wow

Signs JJ knows:
tired (he made up his own sign for this.)

JJ understands so much of what we say, he constantly amazes me! I just know that one day the switch will flip, and he'll be spouting out all of the words he's been storing up. He doesn't have a very large spoken vocabulary yet, but that doesn't mean he isn't vocal. The little guy is constantly "talking".

He loves to read, and will bring you a book, climb into your lap (or up on the couch), and wait for the fun to begin. And will repeat this until you've read every book in the house! He imitates the hand gestures that I make for some of the books, which makes me feel awesome that he's been paying such close attention to story time!

Right now he is obsessed with the sky, and all things "up".  He can hear a plane or helicopter better than me! And he won't rest until he actually spots it--it's not enough to hear it. Thankfully the trees oblige by losing their leaves and revealing the magic of the sky. He also loves seeing trucks (big ones, especially!), cars, buses. "OH WOW!" "Whassat?"

JJ is a good eater. He has his favorite foods--beans, chicken, avocado, gummis, applesauce, yogurt, oatmeal, berries, cream of wheat, to name a few--but he'll at least try what's on his plate. The other day he ate a whole bowl of butternut squash curry soup that I made. His dexterity with a spoon is improving for sure, and he's starting using a fork too.

JJ is very independent in a lot of ways. He's good at playing by himself and pointing to pictures in his books. He flips through his alphabet cards all the time. It looks like he's studying for his chemistry final--so cute! He gets his own snacks, and is good about bringing me his bib when he's ready for breakfast, lunch or dinner. He is getting better at climbing the stairs "big boy style" (standing up, instead of crawling). He walks on his own pretty much everywhere we go, unless we're going for a really long walk. If that's the case, he starts out walking and, once he's tired, gets in the stroller to relax.

The thing I am most proud of about JJ is just how sweet he is. He can always learn more vocabulary or get potty trained later. But being good-natured is a life-long journey that starts at birth, and he is well on his way! He loves giving hugs! A few times he's been playing with friends, and you can see he gets overwhelmed with happiness and goes and hugs them like crazy! Sometimes it's well-received. Other times his enthusiasm is a bit startling. He shares his smile with everyone, and loves waving at passers-by. And he is so affectionate with his family--you rarely have to beg for some JJ lovin'.

That's all I'll share for now, since I can't think of much else. And now, for some pictures!


 "Going, going, gone. YUM!"

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

I was waiting to get some pictures from Jim's phone before I made this post, but that appears to be a near-impossible feat (since I keep forgetting to ask, mostly). So here are the ones I snapped.

I actually didn't even carve our pumpkins this year! Between planning our (now) annual party and trying to not get sick (I fear I have since succumbed to the funk), I just didn't find the time. I will probably still carve them, since pumpkin seeds are one of my favorite treats ever!

We went to Hodges' Farm right outside of town (it was literally like 5 turns from our house--awesome!!) 

Happy Halloween!

JJ went as Superman for his 1st Halloween out trick-or-treating! We had a great time with our friends Sarah, Morri, and Mimi. Jim pulled the kids in the wagon, and they hopped out once we got to a "good house" with lights on and pumpkins lit. JJ wasn't a huge fan until he realized that he got to climb up steps, get doted on by strangers, get candy, and then walk through their yards or on the sidewalk to repeat the process again and again. He was definitely on board by the end! I did let him have 2 pieces of candy that night, which you can see the remnants of in some of the pictures.

His outfit is actually a set of PJs from Momo that she gave us ages ago--I remember getting them and thinking, "Will our wee little baby ever be that big?" And the answer is YES, he's a biggie!!!  I made the cape from some felt I had around, some rick rack trim I had lying around, and a birthday card G.G. gave me to use as a decoration/whatever for JJ at some point. I love that JJ's 3 favorite ladies were all able to contribute to his costume! I would have used Jim's Superman cape that we have from when he was little, but it would have taken me longer to take it out of the frame in JJ's room than it took for me to make this one. 

And here are some pictures of JJ and Mimi out on the town, as well as the spooky awesome moon! What a great night