Friday, January 20, 2012

3/4 of the way there!

To celebrate JJ's 9 month birthday, he had his first beer. 

Just kidding! One of JJ's favorite tasks these days is sorting the recycling, and by sorting, I mean taking everything out and putting it on the floor and crawling away. I just caught him in the act this particular morning.

JJ hosted his friend Mimi the other day, while Sarah and I caught up about her recent trip to London and Paris. Here they are cruising around the house together.

Mimi seducing the photographer in hopes of getting jelly beans! "Can we open these, please?"

Love this picture!

JJ locking himself in Jim's office, to finish his baby stuff, undisturbed.


I love this picture, because it looks like such a disaster in there, and where are JJ's pants?!?

Oh, you're using that knob thing. 

Baby hands!

Here are JJ's numbers for his 9 month check-up:

Height: 28 in. (40%)
Weight: 21 lbs 3 oz (60%)
Head: 48 cm (90%)
Cuteness: Max Power (100%)

He's recently started eating Cheerios, pasta, pineapple, strawberry (mixed in his "to go" applesauce that I buy), and spinach. No new skills to speak of, but that's okay. Rome wasn't built in a day by a really talented baby.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What's next? Kindergarten?

So in the past 24 hours, JJ said his first word, his second word, learned how to clap, and produced his first sign! Holy moly!! Here are the details...

His first word was...Mama!!! He was on the floor in the sun room, and was pretty upset. He crawled over to me, stood up with the help of the ottoman, looked at me, and said, "Mama", and then calmed himself down. Jim and looked at each other in shock! He's been babbling for a while now, and his first consonant babble was Dadadadadada for sure (as in, not a single ga or other vowel-heavy utterance). We decided only to count it as his first word when he was ascribing meaning to the sounds. It was so great!

Then, this morning, JJ and I were on the floor of his nursery, Jim came to the door and said goodbye, and walked away. Immediately JJ went to the gate (at his door), stood up and looked in the direction Jim walked and said, "Dada?" He stood there for another 30 seconds looking after him without saying anything, then crawled back into the room and started playing again, like nothing had happened. Precious!!

As if that wasn't enough, JJ was hungry this evening, and I said, "Do you want food?" and he did the rough symbol for "more". Now technically he wasn't about to get "more", he was about to get "food", but I'm counting it because we only use it in the context of food.

And then finally when Jim and JJ got home from the basketball game, he started clapping! I guess being around all those applauding fans inspired him!

Tomorrow I am expecting him to have made the coffee and toasted an English muffin (with butter) for me by the time I wake up. Too much?

Also our bright little star was featured in Charlotte Parent magazine. I submitted a picture and it was chosen for their first issue of the New Year! Thanks so Grandaddy's coworker for mentioning it to him--otherwise we would never have known he was in there!

And here are a few cute pictures, because...just because. JJ literally starts smiling as soon as I bring out the camera. He's such a showman!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!

Because we have 2 Christmases, and since I so love the season, I think it's worth saying twice. Our families out-did themselves making it a great first Christmas for JJ. I joked that I would be putting toys aside for JJ's birthday in April (though, now that I'm looking around, it may be the way to go!) We spent Christmas Eve and Day with Jim's family in Charlotte, and a few days later drove to VA to spend New Year's Eve and surrounding days with my family. We had such a great time with everyone! A few pictures to prove it...

At the mall with Aunt Ib to get JJ's picture with Santa!

At the Bobcats opening game against the Bucks! Jim and I have season tickets this year, which I'm super excited about!

Christmas Eve, and JJ is already enjoying the ribbon off his gifts. Momo is a very good gift wrapper, and provided lots of curly ribbon for our little man! One of the highlights, I think he would say!

Ib's impression of herself as a child, opening Petite Naté. This time it was Coach perfume and lotion.

Jim listening to his Noise Cancelling headphones. He says they're "for work". I think they'll cause problems in our marriage. 

JJ in his new SmarTrike from MoMo and Grandaddy. He seemed to enjoy getting escorted around the house.

Despite looking like instant friends in this picture, JJ is a bit hesitant about this guy. I think he's pretty awesome, and I can tell that JJ is coming around. He sings and dances and says cute things like, "You're SOOOOOOOOO big!"


Playing with his drum.

This cube is pretty awesome, and so easy for JJ to work. And the songs are really enjoyable for us too. Overall, a great baby toy.

Next we visit Aunt Kate and Uncle Rob (and cousins Azmo and Beezle). JJ had a great time getting licked by Azmo, though at times he got overwhelmed. Beezle was not having anything to do with him, though, which seems to be the cat style when it comes to JJ.

Azmo finally calmed down after seeing Jim!

JJ and Kate!

And then to my parents' house, where JJ met his Auntie Melysa in person for the first time! He was pretty smitten!

Pharley really wasn't though. He doesn't like sharing his mommy.

JJ with Yoda. He doesn't really know what to make of him.
JJ may just remember that this guy is copying his style...

I think JJ's favorite toy by far is his Slinky. Thank you GG (and Target $1 Spot). 

This might be our first family picture since our wedding in 2007. Haha!

The Slinky made it into the tub later that night!

GG and her little Santa man!

And here's PopPop too.

And now Mommy! I love how JJ is visibly less happy after picture #4,510!

I am leaving out so many details of our wonderful holiday, but trust me, it was awesome! Thanks so much to our families for making it great! Happy 2012 to all of you! I hope it brings many great things your way!