Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving and 7 month birthday!

I hope that all of my readers had a Happy Thanksgiving (and since 90% of you were actually sitting at my table, I REALLY hope you did, because I definitely did!)

JJ has been a crawling machine, and doesn't slow down for anything, even the little cold he has now. He has started crawling from his room to the bathroom to take a bath--he is a huge fan of bath time. He also loves driving around in his car, an early Christmas present from GG and Pop-Pop.

An early Christmas present from them for me was my new Nikon! I am so excited about it, and have loved using it and getting to know how all of it works (I am far from mastering all of the features!)

Here are some pictures using the new camera of the family around the holiday!

Riley is almost 100% blind. He has some vision in his right eye. He's doing a good job of getting around, and we're trying to minimize problems for him. He's currently getting eye drops to make sure his eyes don't get inflamed.

My nutcrackers are out! It's officially Christmas!

Auntie Ib feeding JJ with Momo working entertainment.

Greasy Jim drinking juice! 

Look at those eyeballs!

Getting kisses from GG! 

GG rocking away!


The Heisman trophy pose! 

Out for a spin with the Corgis!


Driving home!

More fun with GG!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy 6 months, JJ!

JJ is 6 mos old, and I think it's time for an official update on skills, talents, progress, etc.

Weight: approx18 lbs 10 oz (50%)
Height: 26" (35%)
Head: 44 cm

JJ can:
-sit up without falling
-crawl forward and backward! (this technically came a little after his 6 mo birthday)
-rollover very very quickly from back to tummy and tummy to back
-grab objects with accuracy and precision
-eat fruits and veggies from a spoon
-feed himself his bottle
-turn pages in a book (not always one at a time and not always front to back)
-sleep in his crib for a 6-7 hour stretch, though this does not always line up with our sleep hours
-entertain himself for 30+ minutes
-suck his thumb instead of his whole hand or forearm, which was JJ's favorite snack
-immediately stop crying when he hears Mommy sing (this makes me so so happy because I love to sing--though admittedly I do not have that great a voice--but as long as my baby loves it, that's all that matters!
-recognize and show preference for certain songs--namely The Wheels on the Bus, which happens to be my favorite one to sing!

Other things to note:
JJ had his first ear infection recently, which he is handling like a champ. He is taking amoxicillin, which was my favorite medicine when I was little. I would take tiny swigs in the middle of the night without my parents knowing--it is that delicious! I asked JJ to share his supply with me, but he refused!
JJ is such a joy to be around. He is such a happy guy and is willing to share his smile with anyone who is looking. He had a week where he was waving too, but it looks like he's forgotten again. He rarely fusses, but when he does, it is usually an easy fix (hungry, sleepy, wet).
Still no teeth for JJ. They can stay away for a while longer. I won't mind.
JJ still loves being outside, and has recently discovered dirt. He loves playing in dirt and, much like everything else, tries to put it in his mouth. This is tough, because I want him to play outside, but now that he can crawl, all he wants to do is go to the edge of the blanket and sink his gums in!
We have a growing circle of babies whom JJ can play with now, all about similar age. He loves seeing other babies! They are so funny to him!

I think that's about it for now.

More Halloween

When I was separating seeds and pulp, JJ crawled (that's right--our baby is crawling!) over and started playing around. He would then lick his hands and go back for more! I think the texture was so new and awesome too.