Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hello World! It's me, Megan.

We call JJ's exersaucer his "office" since he always seems to be working so hard. On this particular day, he even wore a tie to the office! So much for casual Friday! (though, he wasn't wearing pants, so that's pretty casual).

JJ is wearing his Rice Owls shirt and he kept playing with this one Owl box. This boy clearly understands accessorizing! 

On our way to Virginia to visit my family, we stopped at a Rest Area to feed JJ, and he was AMAZED by the acorns that were covering the ground. He wouldn't rest until he got his hands in that dirt and played around. We had such a good time! JJ is definitely an outdoorsman!

About 5 minutes into his visit with my parents, he was already modeling my mom's baby purchases. What do you think of his little fisherman's hat for next summer?

And it was no secret how JJ feels about his new ball.  

JJ cannot stay still during changes lately, so to punish him for this behavior, I am publishing pictures of his bottom on the internet. He sure is a cute little thing!

I'll post pictures of our trip to Westmoreland Berry Farm with my family soon. We've been super busy lately, coming and going to this event or that. Hopefully things will slow down as we start the holiday season. The likelihood of this is close to 0. I also have some fun house projects to post pictures of too!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Yard Sale Score!

Since JJ is now of solid food age, I have been looking into making his food (because Megan never does anything the easy way...), and was a little bothered that the "spend money to save money" concept was back in play.  Food steamers, food grinders, food storage systems, on-the-go items, cook books...there is a LOT out there for people who are trying to save some money by making their child's food, and I felt that it would take a while to see the savings. The only thing keeping me interested was that I could control the quality of my child's food and the waste from all of the packaging.

Enter this weekend. Jim and I went to a yard sale in town, and I was thrilled to find some of the very items I had been scouting in the past few weeks! I got a food grinder, 2 food storage trays, and an on-the-go grinder for food from my plate at restaurants, as well as some very helpful advice from the seller. And all for...$6!!!!! . I feel like I hit the jackpot! Here's a picture of my score. The items are as good as new!

So I purchased 8 jars of food for JJ (of Earth's Best "First" series), so that I can try out different foods to see how he reacts before I spend a lot of time making them (then I also have 8 jars that I can use to take his food around!). I started with sweet potatoes, and he seems to enjoy them! So I will add that to my list of things to make him. Next up, I will try squash, since our doctor recommended starting with yellow/orange veggies before green ones, then moving on to fruit.

Anyone out there have any tips for making your own food? How much did you make at a time? Did you develop any sort of routine that seemed to make the task easier?


JJ has started eating rice cereal and pureed veggies!! We decided to give it a go this past weekend, and I would say it was a great success! You can check out my youtube feed for some videos of it all! And here are some pictures below of the events (and a few more of the last few days, since I can't seem to get enough of this little guy!)

During the feeding:

After the feeding:

Hanging at MoMo's with a basket on my head:

Such an avant garde look!

Recently JJ has started having a lot of fun on the changing table. Fun for him...tough for us!

He refuses to let go of his feet most of the time, which makes putting a diaper on his difficult to say the least!

Thanks, Uncle Ryan and Auntie Mel, for my monkey blanket! He's a good listener!

This is JJ typing in our chat room. He loves his (our) gadgets!

I can't believe JJ will be 6 months in a few weeks! It feels like most of the time has flown by, and I can hardly remember some of it! But most of it is etched in my brain as some of the sweetest time ever! What a fun little man we've got!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


If all goes according to plan (i.e. if the NBA can work through its current issues and the Bobcats have a season), Jim and I are season ticket holders! We took the plunge and will hopefully be enjoying a successful season up close and personal (not that up close)!

They held a season ticket holder BBQ the other day, and Jim, JJ, and I were excited to attend! We knew that no players were coming, but we met the assistant coach and Rufus the Mascot!!! We ate, drank, danced, and played mini golf! A great day for sure!