Wednesday, August 31, 2011


This summer has come and gone faster than I could have imagined, but at the same time it seems impossible that JJ is only 4 months (and 2 weeks) old! He feels older in what he can do and how much he "says" to us, but he's still just our sweet little baby! At his 4 month check up (on 8/19), he weighed 12 lbs 9.5 oz. (20%), 24.5" (25%), and 40cm head circumference (40%) and he is officially out of the low weight woods!! His next check up will be at 6 months like other children!

On Sunday we participated in a UU Ceremony at church called a Family Dedication ceremony. This is the closest thing we have to a baptism in most Christian churches. UUs, however, believe that children cannot decide to become a member of our faith until they are older, so until then, the congregation agrees to support us as parents raising JJ and JJ as an individual on his unique spiritual journey. It was great, and it was nice to have both sets of grandparents there to witness our congregation's commitment to our son. JJ let out a bit of...gratitude...during our moment of our silence. Looking around everyone heard how grateful he was, and were all chuckling silently to themselves. JJ is definitely our son.

I'll try to update on more specific goings-on in our lives in the next few posts. It has been interesting chez Van Fleet recently for sure!

And now for some pictures over the last few months. He's certainly gained weight, which I think is evident in his face most of all, but also his little legs. What do you think?

I just thought this little outfit was so cute on JJ. It looked like his first day of Kindergarten!

Meeting Uncle Ryan for the first time! JJ wore his "My Auntie Rocks" onesie because Aunt Mel was off rockin' at her work. She's important to a LOT of people (not just us!)!

An afternoon spent with MoMo and Grandaddy! Yay!

So cute!

This is JJ's new friend Franklin! (Sticking with the Founding Fathers names, of course. Bonus if you've seen Arrested Development.) He was an IKEA purchase when we went with GG and Pop-Pop.

Sitting in his high chair! What a big boy!

With his pretty GG on the front porch!


I was having so much fun, then ZZZZzzzzzzz...

More playtime in my highchair!

Big baby blues! This "little slugger" outfit was Uncle Ryan's when he was a baby!


Hanging with Pop-Pop!

He loves his Exersaucer from his good friend MiMi! He's really good at entertaining himself in it, which is a blessing while I'm making dinner or trying to get things done. I haven't even turned it on yet either!

JJ and Mommy having fun during tummy time! (My earrings are Tasha McKelvey originals, as usual.)


Reading with GG!

Hanging with Mom in my swing! Look at my Tigger tail!

JJ's chewing on everything these days!