Saturday, July 30, 2011

Starving fans

I am sorry I haven't been posting recently. With returning to work, the schedule has gotten a little hectic and I am still trying to find my bearings and get a routine down, which will of course include time for blogging.

While on the topic, work is going well. I returned to an orderly office with a backlog of only the most mundane tasks left to complete, thanks to Wendy, and we're getting into a rhythm of having 2 assistants now. We'll soon add a 3rd, since Jackie will be joining our team mid-August as a marketing director, so another interruption to the rhythm, but a happy one, I assure you. I received a promotion, to Director of Business Operations, which sounds great, right?. Since I was doing everything before I left, and now I have specific roles and don't have to do everything, I suppose it IS a real promotion! Our pay structure has changed as well, with a bonus schedule in place, so that's good as well.

Our morning routine is still somewhat of a challenge. I wanted to start on an 8-4 schedule, and probably still will to make time to go to the gym, but so far, we can't get ourselves together in time to make this happen! I need to wake up about 15-30 minutes earlier, and get down to business as opposed to now when I just dilly-dally and play with the baby. He's just too cute, though! How can I not?!? I can also do a few things the night before, like prep his bottles and take a shower, but mostly it's stuff that has to be done morning of, like change him and feed him. We're smart people, so I am sure we'll work something out. If you working moms (or SAH moms too) have any tips for a quick morning exit with an infant, please let me know! I would love the advice!

We've been going to JJ's doctor every 2 weeks now because the little guy still isn't putting on weight, and he's been falling off his "curve" for the 25%. He's at about 20% now, which isn't horrible, but they feel he needs to be higher. He was up to 10 lbs, 15 oz on Thursday. We're now feeding him a combination of breast milk (pumped and bottled when he's at daycare, and from the breast when we're together) and formula. It seems to be going well. I am glad he is still getting some breast milk, even though I still struggle with low supply for sure. I was reading the other day that some women pump over 40 oz a day?!? Are you serious? I am lucky to get 8 oz at 2-3 pumping sessions. I am beginning to think that lazy eater wasn't our only problem! I am still taking about 30 pills a day, mostly to do with breast milk supply augmentation, but it doesn't seem to be doing as much good as I had hoped.

JJ is now a solid roller. He has also discovered that not only can he control what his toes do, but also he can grab his toes and feet with his magical hands! He reaches and grabs at everything now! He is a fidgety guy for sure! If only I could train him to pick or bite off his fingernails--then I wouldn't have to do it! (I'm just kidding! That's a terrible habit that he shouldn't start. I am living proof that it is hard to stop!)

We picked up a bookshelf for his room at a yard sale near our house today that I am excited to makeover. I will take before and after pictures so you can see the transformation. I think it will look pretty awesome! Still not sure if I want to go black-brown like the rest of his furniture, gray because i have the paint, or completely strip and stain it (in an ebony stain, which we already have). I think the last is my favorite, but we'll see. I actually quite enjoyed my last stripping experience (furniture folks...get your head in the game), so that may be what I do.

We've had a busy few weeks this month. We've had 5 out-of-town guests, a trip to Charlottesville, and our first date since JJ was born. I was also chosen as a speaker for September's Ignite Charlotte 3 conference! I am so excited! I will be speaking about Bringing Up (Green) Baby. I am nervous, but excited to share my experiences and research with others on the topic. The talk is streamed live around the world, as well as video taped, so there is no excuse to miss it.

And now, for some pictures. You can also check my YouTube stream tomorrow (most likely) for some videos as well. But I have to mow the grass, usher, and do laundry, so I may not have time to get to it.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We've got a Super Star!!

Our little JJ is growing up so fast, and coming up with all sorts of new tricks to keep us on our toes! Recently he has developed a love relationship with his hands. He grabs at everything, and will pass things between his hands pretty well! He also chews on everything. His favorites are: his hands, his car seat straps, his arm, our shoulders, anything you put in front of him. Jim has him exercising all the time, and his legs are very strong. He can push himself to standing with ease these days!

And for his latest trick--JJ ROLLED OVER FOR THE FIRST TIME!!! (and second and third...) As great parents, we caught it all on tape (and we were both there--as well as Sophie cat--which made it better!), which is totally awesome, and I proudly award us the gold star of awesome parenting!

You can find all of my uploads here--including the aforementioned awesome parenting rollover video. I will try to let you know when I put up videos, but check here periodically for some new ones.

JJ has continued to thrive at school. His teachers always report excellent days, which is great, and he comes home happy (albeit sleepy).

Yesterday was supposed to be my first day at work, but JJ had other plans. All Sunday evening he was straining and grunting with really bad gas. With the help of some baby yoga, we were able to get rid of some of it, but he was still straining a lot. He wasn't fussing though, so it was clear he knew he could handle it. But then I woke in the middle of the night and noticed that he was especially warm. We took his temperature in his armpit, and it was up to 102. Jim ran out to get some tylenol drops to get the fever under control (what an awesome daddy, right?). I nursed him to make sure he was getting all of the fluids and antibodies he needed to fight whatever it was he had. We gave him the drops, his fever lessened, but was still there. I called into work and let them know I wouldn't be coming in until my baby was better, and they were all awesome about it. (I do love that I work for 2 family men, and with Wendy who would do anything for Ginger (her doggie) and Bill (her fiance)). Around 9AM, I took his temp again, this time rectally, and his fever was 101.9. So I called his doctor's office, and they said that for a baby his age with a temp that high, they have you come in. Unfortunately, this was the one day they were closed due to an office move, so we went to Urgent Care (the same Urgent Care where Jim passed out while getting his blood pressure taken. Remind me to tell you THAT story if you haven't heard it!) The doctor checked him out, decided nothing was wrong, and told me that we weren't giving him enough tylenol drops. A few doses later, some good nappies, and JJ was healed!

So off to work I went today, and it wasn't half bad! They were taking it easy on me for sure, but I think it will be a doable arrangement even when they're not. My sweet coworker Wendy made me Weight Watchers brownies, and my other sweet coworker Jackie (who will be joining our team in August) got me a picture of my sweet baby JJ for my desk and some tissues when I realize how much I miss him! Ha!

I will have to work on the pumping though, because I only pumped about a bottle and a half today. I need to fit a 3rd session in for sure, but today got away from me a bit.

We had Tasha and Jeremy visit us this past weekend on their way to the Big Crafty in Asheville. She took some amazing pictures of JJ, some of which are below. It was great to have such wonderful friends meet our sweet little guy! Kate will be coming down this weekend, and I couldn't be more excited! Then we will be heading to Charlottesville the weekend after for Joanna's wedding, where he will get to meet Joanna, Becca, and hopefully Mike, Courtney, Sam and Alex as well! What a month!!!

And now, some pictures of our baby:


What makes this picture even better is that he is wearing a Star Trek onesie! Thanks, Uncle Ryan!

Apparently, I have TWO monkey men in the house!

Tasha meets JJ!!!

Hiding in the blankies! (As I like to call him, Mother JJ--as in Mother Teresa)

Eating his new delicious shirt from Auntie Mel!

(Okay, this is Sophie, but she's our baby too!)

And here he is "at the gym/Jim" in his new pants from Auntie Mel! Look how strong (and international) he is!

AAAHHHH!! I want to EAT YOU!

Serious biznass if I've ever seen it!

Hello blue eyes! Isn't this the cutest guy ever!!!!!

He's a big fan of his yummy zebra rainstick!

And of his jiggly bird! He's getting so much better at sitting in his Bumbo too! (this time with the help of a wadded up blanket)

Zebras are delicious!!

I love everyone!!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

First Day of School!

I keep calling it school, but really it's daycare. And JJ started on Friday at The Crib! We are so lucky to have found such a great place! Mrs. T is his lead teacher, and she's been there for 11 years. She's awesome--totally put me at ease when we showed up a little nervous. Jim and I dropped our sweet guy off at 8:15 and I picked him up around 4:15.

JJ's day:
3 naps
6 dirty diapers
3 4 oz bottles
Tummy time
Outside time
Hanging w A, L, and Mrs T!

Megan's Day:
1 nap
7 reruns of Sex & the City (to relive my single days and take my mind off my missing baby)
2 loads of laundry
1 load of dishes
2 lists made
3 stores shopped
5 oz breastmilk pumped
2 cats petted
1 mom relaxed

A great day overall! When I picked JJ up, he was super smiley and happy to see me! That made me feel totally awesome!!! And now we have the weekend to relax and prepare for next week. I am a bit concerned about being able to pump enough for him to eat. We'll see how that goes. Formula supplementation may be in our future at daycare.