Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Baby Doll

Due to a terribly tragic apartment fire, our great friends Sarah and Morri (with Baby Miriam and Dog Ivy in tow) stayed with us a bit ago while they moved. Luckily, their apartment was not one of the worst hit, but it did still mean an impromptu move and a general unsettling of an otherwise comfortable set up (as well as a purging of the unnecessary, which isn't always bad, I guess...). They were champs about the situation though, and made the best of it. I loved having a full house! It was fun to come home from work everyday to smiling faces galore! Especially this sweet little adorable baby!! Ah!!!!! Seeing Jim play with her made me realize that Jim and I should DEFINITELY have children soon! (Although, this sweet face could convince me of almost anything!)