Wednesday, February 24, 2010


We had a fun fun fun surprise weekend when Ib and Greg came down last
weekend! Ib and I planned on surprising Jim, and being the stealthy
ladies we are, were able to pull it off! (I'm sure they were also
surprised when I fell asleep and didn't let them in right away!)

We had a great weekend playing around town. We hung around Noda on
Saturday, played some Wii Sports Resort, and ate a fabulous dinner at
Intermezzo that night (and a delish dessert stop at the DQ!). On
Sunday we went to the Penguin for lunch, which was of course awesome.
Then we said goodbye :( We'll visit soon and see how their apartment
makeover is looking! Thanks again guys! We miss you already!!

On Saturday, we also stopped by Michael's to pick out yarn for a
fabulous scarf that Ib is generously knitting for me. I also picked up
a late birthday present for Jim!

The directions for the dinosaur started with "Get a general idea of where all the pieces go..." WHAT?!? I think it turned out great, and he now resides on Jim's office shelf.

I also figured out how to post from my phone (this is my first one), so you may be seeing more typos since I have fat, (previously) broken fingers.

Have a great evening!!