Monday, August 31, 2009


On their way home to CA, Christine and Lanny stopped in Charlotte to say hi!! It was so great to see them both, and I wish they could have stayed longer! They are so Berg-a-licious!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Let's Get Ready To Rumble!!!!

This weekend, Jim is participating in the Rails Rumble with a coworker and friend of his, so I took the opportunity to clean, clean, clean, weed, mow, and shop.

To read what the Rails Rumble is, go here.

Saturday, which was the first full day of the contest, we ate lunch with Sarah and Morri. Jim then went to work at Adam's house, while Morri, Sarah, and I went to see The Cove. This was a good documentary, but like most, extremely depressing. It is about the slaughter of dolphins in Japan, and a team's journey to get video footage documenting this slaughter (the area where they are killed is not visible, so nobody had seen how the dolphins were killed). One of the team leaders is a man who starred in Flipper, and it also follows his personal struggle to forgive himself and make up for his role in this process.

Then I went to the hardware store to get several items for various home projects.

My big excitement came at the Salvation Army near our house. I bought a cast iron skillet, a cute white bowl with nubbins all over it, a cute hummingbird "bric-a-brac", and a fabulous chair ALL for $26!!! The chair is now in our bedroom, and adds that perfect bit of glamour I was looking for!

Then I cleaned the house for the next 7 hours, and it is beautiful!!

Today, I mostly did laundry and yardwork. I mowed the grass, weedwhacked, and weeded our beds. The yard looks magnificent, though I wish we had our yard tools from my parents' house, so I could lop off a bunch of branches on all of the crape myrtles that are out of control!

My herb garden is doing very well. The rosemary that I thought was stunted forever has finally shown signs of growth. We have 2 jalepeno peppers that are almost ready to be picked, and I will be making a lot of pesto soon to use up all of the basil out there. The grapes are alive, which was more than I thought they would be at this point, but they are still too short to tie to the pergola. Hopefully they will survive the winter and grow more next year.

I just got back from the grocery store, and now I'm blogging obviously! At 7PM, when the Rumble is over, we'll probably go out to eat with Adam. I feel extremely great about how this weekend went, and am looking forward to a somewhat slow week, since one of my bosses is out of town.

I will post pictures soon of the things I mentioned above, and a few of the house too (especially now that it's super clean!!)

PS: I got my first business cards this week!!! Woohoo!

PPS: I also forgot to mention that I am scheduled to get my wisdom teeth out in mid-September. I am obviously not thrilled, but I am not nervous at all about it. I met with my surgeon a few weeks ago, and he is great. He actually reminds me a ton of our Financial Planner, Bill, and is great, so that is one fear assuaged. Once my date is actually scheduled, I'll let you know. I just don't know how much bigger my cheeks can get!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Canada in Pictures

For once, my post is mostly pictures! These are pictures from our trip to Toronto, in July. It was lots of fun--and here's the proof!