Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wow, I'm boring myself!

So I will apologize in advance. There will most likely not be any pictures with this post. I may not even know where our camera is right now. We've had a somewhat eventful month since I last posted. Here are a few of the highlights:

Our house got broken into! On June 10th (I think), Jim got a call around 9:15 saying that our alarm was going off. Since neither of us was home, he asked them to dispatch the police. He then called me to tell me the news so I could head home. We have CPI for our security system needs, and if you live in the NC/SC area, this is definitely the company to use--they were completely awesome. Someone had apparently climbed to our second-story balcony and broken in the glass door. They then tripped our internal alarm while getting an old phone of Jim's, and then left 2 minutes later. Luckily all they stole was an iPod and this old Palm Pilot, even though we had several things of much higher value in view. No one was hurt, which was truly the fortunate part, and the door was fixed in a matter of hours. If someone tries the same or a similar caper in the future, we have since safe-guarded against that as well, so overall I still feel very safe in our house.

Later that day, CPI came out to check on their performance, give us the exact timeline of the events as we know them, and to fix any holes in the system. Again, I love this company. We have dealt seriously with 2 servicing installers/technicians, and there is a place in my heart for both Chris and Will. Will came out and took care of everything--he even helped me piece together the details of the "case" as I kept calling it. I felt like a detective trying to figure out how they got up there, where they went, etc.

I was disappointed in the follow-up of the police department. The Eastway division (our district) doesn't even answer the phone (seriously, I have called many times of day and no one ever answers). I would like more patroling of our street, but don't know how to get anyone down here, since no one will answer. A few days later, our neighbor's car was broken into. I'm starting to feel that our neighborhood is less "up and coming" and more "ghetto".

I still much prefer it to our previous 2 neighborhoods though. Not only do we own woods and live next to the greenway/park and have bugs (including LOTS of lightening bugs), bunnies, and cats, but we're close to city amenities, all of our neighbors wave, say hello, and were very sympathetic to our misfortune and promise to keep an eye out. This kind of welcome is very...welcome! I love it. I believe everyone should be a minority at some point in their lives (a man among women, white among blacks/hispanics/asians/anyone-non-white, rich among poor. There are lots of ways to be a minority, but it is definitely a great experience). Everyone's comfort zone should be shaken is the point, and it can be more comforting than you would think. This is how I feel about our new home and neighborhood, and look forward to becoming an active member of the area.

The house, by the way, is definitely looking like home. I have been very happy at how little we have had to purchase to fill it and make it look like home. My favorite space is our den off of the kitchen, and my new favorite piece of furniture is a navy reading chair we got at the Salvation Army in the parlor (I can't believe I have a room we call the parlor...reading room was the other possibility, since there's a bookshelf in there and some chairs). The only room that hasn't really been set up is the middle bedroom, and that's because the only stuff in there is my old baby toys and I refuse to set up a child's room before we have one--it's way too creepy! Seriously, I am getting chills thinking about how weird it would be. I know you are too.

Last weekend we had a fun time at a Summer's Eve party. The theme was "dress like a douche bag" (think about the name for another 3 seconds, and you'll get it). There were lots of "brahs" there, and it was fun. It was hosted by one of the people we have met via Twitter in Charlotte--but Mr. Ben Marvin is a fave in particular. Good times were had by all brahs, and I look forward to it again next year (it's already on the calendar!). We found a killer outfit for Jim at the Salvation Army in about 3 minutes, and also picked up my new favorite chair.

I continue to love my job. Occasionally I run out of energy to deal with it, but the weekends are usually enough to re-energize me. I bought a few plants for the yard, including Thai and sweet basil, jalepeno peppers, and grapes for our pergola. I have not yet planted the grapes, but they've been doing fine in the pots. I once again had to buy beetle traps, because they are eating the crap out of several of our plants.

The construction on our street looks like they're actually making progress (for a while it just looked like they were doing the demolishing part, and would never get to the reconstruction of sidewalks, roads, sewers). But finally I saw blacktop today, and it gave me hope that my car would not be covered in dust forever.

Alas, that's all I feel like typing now. I will try to post more soon--I hate going this long without posting. I know I judge others for such vacations--I shouldn't afford myself the same luxury. I hope all is well with my readers, if you still exist.