Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Beginnings

So I am sure that everyone was glued to the TV during the Inauguration on Tuesday, right? If you weren't shame on you (double shame if you haven't looked up any of the events online in the days following), since most places do have a TV or a computer where you can watch such historic and important events. I thought it was great, I thought everyone did a great job, and I happened to love the part of Lowery's benediction that he's gotten so much flack for--I thought it had a very 60s vibe to it, and hasn't that been the era we've been channeling all week? With all of the comparisons to King and Kennedy he has endured, I thought it had the right amount of truth, innocence, playfulness, and hope behind it. My favorite part was during the oath when Obama struggled several times to follow what Roberts had said. This is a man who is an eloquent speaker, who has received rave reviews on his abilities to move a crowd with his words, and he was so caught up in it, that he messed up a simple recitation. I really enjoyed that even steady-handed Obama can get swept away in emotion.

On Monday we had snow in Charlotte. All schools, including universities, were canceled, most people didn't show up to work, and there was a state of emergency declared for the state (apparently in the mountains it was pretty bad, but still). Southerners really can't handle snow--it's just not in them. (and wouldn't you know I didn't take a single picture of this snow?)

I am helping our friends Sarah and Morri with their wedding. This week I will be finishing their wedding invitations, and hopefully we'll send them out Monday. They're cute, pretty basic, but to the point!

Well, Lost just came on. Gotta go (back)!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Where has the time gone?

I can't believe I haven't posted anything on my blog in 2009! So far, I am thinking this is going to be a great year! (Is it ever a good idea to think it WON'T be?)

After Jim and I got back from our trip to Iowa, we drove over to Staunton to visit Mike & Courtney's new son, Samuel Michael Barrett. I am in love with this little boy--he is so cute! Here are some pictures that I told Jim he had to take of me with the baby. I guess since I don't have my own, I just have to live vicariously through others for now. Speaking of this, I believe that everyone I know is having a baby right now (or has had a baby recently). Looking over my list of Facebook friends the other day, I was able to enumerate a DOUBLE DIGITS of people I know who are pregnant. 2009 has officially been named "Year of the Baby". (This is partially wishful thinking, as I would love to have a little baby of our own, but despite the pressure that I put on Jim, we will know when it's right for us. It may be this year, but maybe not.) Our friends in Charlotte Sarah and Morri just told us that she is pregnant as well, which we are very excited about! It also means that we now have 2 months to plan their wedding, since she didn't want to be super pregnant when she walks down the aisle. I am up to the challenge! I can't wait to really get started! Our first task was to make their guest list, and now she is in charge of getting addresses. Now I will start to think about announcements, invitations and registry information.

Otherwise things have been going well. Some people know that I was worried about my job recently because I'm too nosy for my own good and found out information (but not the whole story) that one of my bosses was hiring someone else for my position. Well we talked about it the other day, and I had been worried for nothing. He told me that he couldn't be happier with the work that I was doing, and that hiring this other person was a part of a larger business deal--but if it doesn't work for me, then she doesn't stay. So that was good to hear, and now I am satisfied that I do indeed have job security! Woohoo!

We have some fun events planned for this month and next, and I am excited about what this year holds. I don't make resolutions (I never keep them so why bother, right?) but I have high expectations for this year, and I don't plan on disappointing myself.

And now, some pictures!

Mike and new son Sam!

Me and Sam Barrett!

Me and Sam again! He slept almost the whole time! (and when he wasn't sleeping, he was pooping or eating--I like this kid already!!)

The baby of our family, Mr. Pharley dressed as Mother Theresa.